Our Vision:

Peterbrooke Chocolatier is committed to increasing the profitability of new and existing franchisees through a multiple revenue stream business model that provides an innovative confectionary retail experience that maximizes earning potential.

A vast majority of retail opportunities are limited to sales within the four walls of the shop and obsessively spending marketing dollars to drive traffic to their sole source of income. Not so with Peterbrooke, which has unlimited opportunities for the profit-minded chocolatier.

Our Chocolatiers Love Peterbrooke

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Corporate sales:

The opportunity exists to set up corporate clients for cyclical gifting for employee appreciation events, birthdays, recognition, anniversaries and more.

Chocolate molds:

Peterbrooke chocolate can be molded into virtually any form that you can imagine. From chocolate trophies to support the PGA Championship to chocolate business cards to help a client stand out, there is an unlimited array of options.

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Client gifting:

Imagine working with your local real estate agents to send “Welcome Home” gift baskets upon closing on their dream house, or medical sales reps who know how to get their “Foot in the Door” with a beautiful box of Peterbrooke chocolates. Many businesses say “Thank you” with Peterbrooke chocolates. Client gifting can be a vital support for the local business community and a regular stream of income for your Peterbrooke shop.

Web sales:

Our robust eCommerce site supports the local stores both through brand recognition, marketing and financial opportunities.

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In-Store Events:

Camps, birthday parties, team building events or date nights: Chocolatier camps, parties and date nights are outrageously popular and can become a constant stream of financial and marketing benefit.


In all weather, Peterbrooke is a family experience that focuses not only on chocolate, but also on our delicious Peterbrooke gelato that is handcrafted in the Italian style by our talented chocolatiers. From aging the fresh bananas to all of the natural ingredients used throughout the process, Peterbrooke does not skimp on our recipes as anyone who has tasted our gelato can attest.

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There are few gifts that someone can give on a constant basis for all holidays. Flowers are good once or twice a year, fruit baskets on an occasion, but a luxurious Peterbrooke basket with a selection of our finest chocolate treats is a gift that becomes a welcome tradition for the holidays for generations to come.

Community and charity events:

As an active part of the communities we live in, we partner with many schools, sporting groups and non-profits in their fundraising efforts and we are always a welcome addition at any event. The ability to tailor products and offerings in support of a cause or activity allows for community involvement with those making an impact.

peterbrooke-chocolatier top franchises to own 2020 Best candy store franchises
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Your Location:

The Peterbrooke store itself and its perpetually brilliant décor and marketing is a constant draw. The Peterbrooke name, the brand recognition, our reputation for high quality chocolate and exquisite packaging is a powerful revenue generator in its own right.