“The biggest thing that makes Peterbrooke different is our incredibly strong brand identity, the absolute finest ingredients, and our commitment to becoming a real part of the community we serve.” – Brooke Joyner, Peterbrooke Franchisee, Atlantic Beach, Fla.

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“Several years ago, I made the decision to invest in Peterbrooke Chocolatier shop and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Today I’m a successful small business owner with the work-life balance I’ve always wanted thanks to the brand’s streamlined operations, strong identity and ongoing support,”

    -Dot, Chocolatier, Tallahassee

“Peterbrooke’s passion for the finest sourced chocolate is tailored to create a distinctly American neighborhood experience. This has proven to be one of the greatest differentiators for our brand. The Peterbrooke business model is a proven one and the training and support provided has put us quickly on the path to success and allowed us to build something long term for our family,”

    -Piya, Chocolatier, St. Augustine

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