We handcraft the chocolates from the old world swiss chocolate recipes, blend our gelatos from Italian family traditions at our factory in Jacksonville, Florida and ship directly to your location as often as is needed.  Your day is spent wrapping beautiful baskets, talking with your customers who love Peterbrooke Chocolate, and dipping some of the local favorites in chocolate, for visual appeal.  Every day spent with people who love chocolate and the people who they are buying it for, is a wonderful way to make a living!

Our Chocolatiers LOVE Peterbrooke

From the tightly organized and simplified operations, to products with long shelf lives, to the draw of professional staff members to be part of your very small labor team, everything at Peterbrooke is built to allow you a wonderful work/life balance that is often missing from franchises.  We love our franchisees and their families, so we have designed Peterbrooke to allow you to be as successful as you want to be without sacrificing family.  

“Several years ago, I made the decision to invest in Peterbrooke Chocolatier shop and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Today I’m a successful small business owner with the work-life balance I’ve always wanted thanks to the brand’s streamlined operations, strong identity and ongoing support,”

    -Dot, Chocolatier, Tallahassee

“Peterbrooke’s passion for the finest sourced chocolate is tailored to create a distinctly American neighborhood experience. This has proven to be one of the greatest differentiators for our brand. The Peterbrooke business model is a proven one and the training and support provided has put us quickly on the path to success and allowed us to build something long term for our family,”

    -Piya, Chocolatier, St. Augustine

“The biggest thing that makes Peterbrooke different is our incredibly strong brand identity, the absolute finest ingredients, and our commitment to becoming a real part of the community we serve.” – Brooke Joyner, Peterbrooke Franchisee, Atlantic Beach, Fla.

The Love of Chocolate